Linux Hardware
Embedded Linux
Choosing the right, well supported compontents or boards can ease the development of your applications and the associated time to market tremendously. Solid year-long future-proofness and the wisdom to guide you through this selection process can prove to be invaluable to your organisation.

From custom board design, sub-board electronic design, kernel and userspace software stack till the prototyping of enclosures up to the 3D printing of limited volumes, we can provide your one-stop-solution for embedded linux solutions.

Linux Servers
Most of the available computer hardware is supported these days by Linux out of the box, if you have doubts about certain hardware, we can provide the answers prior to buying or the solutions after acquisition.
We can advise your organisation which hardware configurations are the most optimal for your workload, in an unbiased up-to-date manner.

Give us a call for advise on optimal performance.

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