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Linux Deepin 20 Released

One of the most beautiful Linux distributions on the market has been refreshed. (Linux Magazine 14/09 18:10)

» Deepin 20 is still the most beautiful Linux desktop on the market - TechRepublic (Google News 17/09 22:33)
» Linux Deepin 20 Released (Linux Magazine 14/09 18:10)

» Google News  Linux Magazine  


Lenovo Now Offering Fedora Linux as an Option

Lenovo is making good on their Linux promise by adding Fedora into the mix. (Linux Magazine 31/08 19:10)

» Slashdot  Linux Magazine  


Open source Symfonisk WiFi speaker

Build open software, open hardware smart WiFi speakers for the home with the Sonos and Ikea Symfonisk. (Linux Magazine 04/09 16:48)

» Linux Magazine  

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